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We provide Structure Cabling Systems Certified Installation. Our AMP ND&I-trained Engineer can design, install, test and certify AMP NETCONNECT Cabling System to qualify for a 20-year performance warranty, exceeding the TIA/EIA-568-A Standard on the cabling system.

Our Cabling Team has experienced various cabling infrastructure projects, involving installation of multiple long segments, up to 2 km. in Multiple Sites and Multilevel story Buildings. We are also able to do civil works for Metal Piping and Underground installation.

In addition, our system engineer are constantly keeping up to date with the latest emerging cabling standards and are experienced with all media types installations.

Many cable installers and network owners today face a dilemma. Cable manufacturers are bringing higher and higher speed, enhanced cabling systems to the market faster than the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) can define performance standards for them. The problem is, how can you certify a system's performance if there are no standards by which to measure it? Fortunately, we has the answer for you. Our installer team is equipped with the DSP-4000 series Digital CableAnalyzerô.

As Fluke Silver Installer Partner, our cabling team use the most technologically advanced UTP Cat. 6 and Fiber Optics test instrumentation available today. Thus, we can provide you the highest-quality cabling installations. As a Fluke Installer Partner, we will have complete confidence that all the links we install will truly pass the TIA requirements (TSB-67) as well as coping with IEEE 802.3ab standard and are ready for full Gigabit Ethernet operation.

The DSP-4000 series is built on an extendable digital platform that ensures compliance with new standards as they are approved. Cat 6, Class E, Cat 5E, ATM, Fibre Channel, whatever. With our Fiber Test Adapter, we can perform testing of multimode and single mode fiber links at 850 nm, 1300 nm, and 1550 nm testing. The talk set included with the DSP-4000 allows two-way voice communication between the main and remote units while testing either fiber or copper.

Key Benefits
  • AMP Netconnect Design and Installation Contractor
  • Fluke Silver Installer Partner
  • 25-Year System Performance and Component Warranty Provision
  • Enhanced Cat.5, Cat.6 and Fiber Test Data Certification
  • Fiber Optics Backbone and UTP Cat. 5 and 6 Horizontal Cablings
  • Multilevel and High Story Building Installations
  • Multiple Site Distance Buildings Installations
  • Other Cabling Media such as: Thin & Thick Coaxial Cable
Details of Services
  • Installation of Main Material: LAN (UTP Cat.5 & 6 Coaxial & Fiber Optics) Cable and Patch Panel Systems
  • Installation of PVC Pipe (Conduit), Flexible, Cable Protector, Terminal Box Panel, 19" Rack Systems
  • Cable Termination : RJ-45 / BNC / ST / SC / MT-RJ Connector / RJ 11 for Telephone and PABX Systems
  • Wall Plate, Cable Tray, and Cable Protector Installation, Cable Identification and Labeling
Reference Accounts, Project Lists & Photo Documentation will be shown upon Project submission

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